Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day and Keepers at Home meeting by Jessica and Jennifer

Valentine’s Day by Jessica, age 10
On Valentine’s Day the boys went to a Hawkeye basketball game. It is two hours away and they weren’t excited about the trip but they were excited about the game.

I bought everybody a box of candy. I got Jennifer some gummy worms. Mom and Dad got all of us some chocolate in a heart shaped box.

After the boys left, Jennifer and I watched a Little House. It was the one about when Mary went blind. Then we went to Burger King and each got something off the dollar menu. Then we went across the street to Walgreens. We got a little stuffed puppy. Jennifer and I split the money to buy it so we are sharing it. Then we were going home and we saw a loose dog. It jumped on me but it didn’t hurt at all. Then the owner came and took it away. I am glad the owner was there or I don’t know what we would have done.

At about ten minutes before the game was done we turned on the radio to see how the game was going. Purdue won. It was 49 to 46.

Valentine’s Day by Jennifer, age 7
On Valentine’s Day I had a great time. It was one of the best Valentine’s Day ever. Not the best, best but it was one of them. The boys went to a Hawkeye basketball game and they said it was kind of crowded. What we girls did at home was first watch the Little House movie, while Mom did the dishes. Then we went to Burger King and Walgreens. Mmmm! Then we came home and Jessica and me took our dog Pooch on a walk. Then we played with our friend LaShaye. Then we listened to the radio and the Hawkeyes lost by just a few points. We were actually expecting them to lose by a lot. We had Doritos chips and beans and for dessert these ice cream thingamabobs. Then the boys came home.

Keepers by Jennifer, age 7
I loved Keepers. It a lot of fun. I can’t wait until I am old enough to be a member. We went bowling. And I was on a team with two boys. They were the brothers of other Keepers. On one of the games they smoked me. On the other game, I smoked them. I got 108, with bumpers. Yahoo! Then we had some snacks. Mmmm! I even got a couple of Valentine’s even though I am not a Keeper. Then we went to a nursing home and Jessica and the other Keepers played bells. I didn’t get to. I sat on Mom’s lap. The teacher at Keepers brought her younger daughter Gracie. She is so fun and cute. She is five. When we were walking into the nursing home, she grabbed my hand. I thought that was cute. The End.

Keepers by Jessica, age 10
I am part of a girls club called Keepers at Home. Jennifer got to go to my last meeting. It was fun. First we went bowling. It was kind of scary because I knew I was going to lose because all the other girls went bowling a lot and I had only gone once when I was four. But I ended up winning. I got 110. There are 12 girls in our group. After the game we had heart cupcakes and heart jigglers and we all handed out Valentine’s to each other.

Then we went to a nursing home where we sang and played handbells. When we played the handbells one of the songs was God Bless America and everyone started singing. Then we all went home.

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Kandie Stilwell said...

Thank you, girls, for telling me about your Valentine's Day. It was a fun day wasn't it! Uncle David and I watched the game on tv while we were eating supper at a Mexican restaurant. Your mommy would love this restaurant! I love you girls.
Aunt Kandie