Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boy's Day/Girl's Day

Most of you know that Jeff is an avid Hawkeye fan. He has taught his boys well and they are also Hawkeye fans. Jeff has always had the dream of taking his sons to a real Hawkeye basketball game. Today, thanks to a generous Christmas gift from his brother's family, Jeff's dream is coming true. At this moment, Jeff and the three boys are sitting in Carver Hawkeye Arena, in Iowa City, watching the Hawkeyes play Purdue. I am listening to the radio and right now the Hawks are up, 8 -6! It would be great if the Hawkeyes won because Purdue is the better team this season (Shh, don't tell any of my men that I said that!).

While the boys are having their day, the girls and I had a special Mother/Daughter day. We watched a Little House episode and then we walked to Burger King together. We had a really nice time. The girls are having some sister time right now while they are painting.

Edit: The Hawkeyes lost by three points but it was a very exciting game! My men should be driving home now.

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Familia Stilwell said...

Was there ever any question about whether or not Purdue would win??! :) I'm glad you guys all had such a special day...sounds fun. Miss you all!