Monday, January 19, 2009

Six hours of educational DVDs, Sportsman Banquet and the A-Team

Several months ago, I ordered some DVDs with lectures by Dianne Craft. They are about helping children with learning disabilities. I learned so much from Lynne Popp in Omaha in 2006 and I believe the principles I learned from her have really helped. But I know I can always learn from others who are experts in this area as well. Well, I had these six hours worth of DVDs and just had not had time to listen to them. I finally decided I was going to have to MAKE time. So on Thursday, we took the day off from school so I could watch them. Wow! My brain is still spinning from all I learned. I am anxious to start implementing some of her ideas. We will begin as soon as the materials I ordered arrive. If any of you are interested in learning more about her, here is her website:

On Saturday Josh went to a Sportsman's banquet with his friend Seth's family. Seth helped in a seminar that was given (he skinned a deer!). Josh really enjoyed it.

While Josh was gone, the rest of us watched an episode of the A-Team. We laughed so hard. I had forgotten how funny that show is. Not only were the intentionally funny parts funny but it cracked us up how a car would roll three times and then the "bad guys" would walk out without a scratch. Or someone would get punched hard in the face and not have a single mark on them. Watching it brought back a lot of 1980s memories. :-)

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