Monday, January 12, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Wow! I can't believe all the snow we have had. We got several inches on Friday night/Saturday morning and it turned muddy central Iowa into a Winter Wonderland. It is just beautiful. Today we received several more inches. For most of the day it was a soft gentle snow. The children and I kept looking at the window to enjoy the beauty of it. However, in the late afternoon it turned into a blizzard with strong winds and a windchill advisory. Not quite so lovely. I am praying that Jeff gets home from work safely at midnight.

On Saturday (after the snow stopped) Jeff and I went on a date to Perkins. We had a fun, relaxing time chatting and being quiet together. It was nice to chat without interruption and it was also nice to just sit and enjoy the quiet the rest of the time. We purposely went at a non-meal time (2:30) and the whole restaurant was quiet. Only two or three other tables were occupied.

Sunday afternoon, my good friend Sherry's daughter, Johanna (age 16) came over to spend some time with the girls. She gave them knitting lessons. It was Jennifer's first lesson. Jessica has had several now. She also made cupcakes with the girls and taught them some new things on the piano. At Sherry's request, I talked to Johanna in Spanish as much as possible while she was here (Johanna is taking Spanish 3). Later in the day most of our children and Johanna watched Secondhand Lions. Very cute movie!

So between the pretty snow, the date with Jeff and the visit from Johanna, it was a really nice weekend.

Brrrr! The wind is really howling out there. Even though it is warm in our home, I feel the chill to my bones when I hear the wind like that.

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Kandie Stilwell said...

I am so totally jealous. We are waiting and waiting for snow and have only a dusting!!