Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reference pages for Struggling Learner Workshop

Curriculum that may be Helpful for Children Who Learn Differently

Scaredy Cat Phonics (

Handwriting Without Tears (

Math U See (

Mastering Math Essentials by Richard Fisher, 20 minutes a day workbook

Right Brain Phonics Reading Book by Dianne Craft
( )

“Right Brain Phonics Flashcards” by Dianne Craft

“Sight Word Cards” by Dianne Craft

“Right Brain Multiplication Cards” by Dianne Craft

Wise Owl Math Worksheets

Lindamood Phonemic Awareness Program

Passport Learning, LLC (

Daily Grams (

Easy Grammar (

Hooked on Phonics (

Explode the Code (

Resources that Parents of Children Who Learn Differently may find Helpful

“Teaching the Right Brain Child” DVD by Dianne Craft

“Understanding and Helping the Struggling Learner” DVD by Dianne Craft

NATHHAN National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network

The Out of Sync Child by Karen Stock Kranowitz

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

*The IEP Manual: Individual Education Planning by Jim and Debby Mills
supplies goals, skill lists, and ideas for planning your child's program.
Available from

*LinguiSystems has many professional authored resources for writing IEPs.
Available at

*The New Language of Toys; Teaching Communication Skill to Children with
Special Needs by Sue Schwartz lists developmental milestones and contains
charts to record your child's progress. Available through

*The Student Education Plan (SEP): A Preparation Guide by Judith Munday
walks parents through the SEP process. Available from

*Teaching Your Special Needs Student: Strategies and Tools That Really Work
by Judith Munday provide evaluation information, scoring rubrics, graphic
organizers, and more. Available from

*HSLDA members can also contact their special needs coordinator.

*Joyce Herzog has Luke's Life List (and Luke's School List) that would
beneficial in helping parents to see they are making progress and to help
avoid discouragement. They, along with other resources, are available at

*They were from an article by Andrea Longbottom in the March/April 2009 issue of "The Home School Court Report".

People That May Be Helpful to Your Child Who Learns Differently

Dr Paul Moss
1932 SW 3rd Street, Suite 6
Ankeny, Iowa
(515) 964-9114

Lynne Popp
Omaha, Nebraska
Tel: (402) 498-8708
Fax: (402) 445-0433

Dianne Craft

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